Here are some of the comments we’ve had about Fantasy Imperium:

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up your book, “Fantasy Imperium” at Gencon this year And I just wanted to let you know its AWESOME! We chatted a bit, you might remember me, I was the girl in the pink wig, I think I picked it up on Friday from you guys. But anyways, The boyfriend and I are in love with it and are working our way through it so that hopefully we can get a game together.

The tables that you have and the amount of weapons are absolutley wonderful. A+ work, I have to say it is one of my favorite purchases at Gencon 🙂

Take care and thanks for an awesome product~
Stacy Becker

* * * * *

Hallo Mark,

My retailer had a book just 2 days after I wrote You my first mail. Yesterday it arrived! 🙂 Juhuu!

I think this game is great. I’m planning my first session next week and looking forward to the Storyteller’s Screen.
The combat rules are so gritty and fast, I like this.  And the combat technics give a lot of options and flair…

Greetings from Germany,
Dirk Wittmann

* * * * *

Hey Mark,

I have read a bit farther into your game and I swear, I have never before seen its equal! It has got to be the best table-top RPG that I have seen in my life! You met me at GenCon on Saturday, I gave you my card.

All I have to say is that there is no one that I know that play RPGs that will not hear of this game. I cannot wait to immerse myself and my fellow gamers into the world that you have created. Most games like this just make up a world, whereas you take the one that we all share. I think this game has the potential to srupass the “mainstream” D&D.

I hope to buy more of your merchandise soon!

Cuimhnich air na daoine o’n d’thàinig thu Arddyrchafael
Forget not those from whom you come.
William Murdoch

* * * * *

…As for stories, yes, it was precisely that point about the game which appealed to me, the storytelling aspect – the only Roleplaying I have done in many years has been precisely that, written stories.

…it (Fantasy Imperium) really does look to me like the ideal system for either Historical or Fantasy storytelling – which is the main source of the fun from where I am sitting!

   Ian Winterbottom, UK

* * * * *

…The section on Spiritual Warfare. Wow. Just wow….

  C. Demetrius Morgan

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