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Shadowstar Games, Inc. publishes the Interactive Storytelling GameFantasy Imperium.

What is an Interactive Storytelling Game (ISG)?
An Interactive Storytelling Game is a type of role playing game, but there is more emphasis on telling a story in an ISG.

Typically in a RPG, there will be only a single plot point in a game session, while an ISG will have several plot points occuring in every game session, making it possible to tell an entire story in a shorter time span. RPGs tend to be ongoing collaborative narratives, while an ISG will have a more structured plot line.

An ISG will use advanced storytelling techniques to create an entire story, often to be told in a single gaming session. Most of these techniques will be detailed in our second book, “The Storyteller’s Guide,” but some of them can be found on our free download page under the Storytelling section.

An ISG will use a system of scripted scenes written by the Storyteller to create the plot, while the characters will react to the events of the plot, and will direct how it will play out. Writing this list of scenes is similar to writing a plot outline for a story.

Playing Fantasy Imperium is like playing the part of an actor in a story, and also like playing a wargame. Fantasy Imperium can be played like any other RPG of course, but when used in conjunction with the techniques described in the Storyteller’s Guide, complete stories can be enjoyed in a shorter time span.

The goal of the game is to complete the quest created by the Storyteller.
If a player’s character dies, he loses the game (unless it was a heroic death). If the goal is completed, then all the surviving players win the game.
Games typically take from one to four sessions to complete.

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