Shadowstar Games, Inc. is the publisher of the new Interactive Storytelling Game (ISG), Fantasy Imperium.

Founded in 2006, Shadowstar Games is currently in the process of creating the Storyteller’s Screen, which should go to press early 2007, and theQuickstart Guide, which will be available as a free download from the website.

The Storyteller’s Guide has been broken into two books, one under the same name and the other called, Mythical Realms, which will be published first.

Future projects include:

The Quickstart Guide – Get started playing the game quickly with this booklet, which will be available as a free download.
Release Date: Available Now!
Download here

The Storyteller’s Screen – This screen will have the most important charts used in the game and will also include a sample adventure and characters.
Release Date: Spring, 2008

Mythical Realms – The war in Heaven and on the earth, historical religions, mythological creatures and monsters, magick items, holy relics, the intercession of the Saints, legendary places and two additional time periods, including maps and brief histories (69 A.D. & 1559 A.D.).
Release Date: Spring, 2008.

The Storyteller’s Guide – This will teach Storytellers how to tell a story, how to design an adventure, how to run games, & the history of Medieval Europe, essays on storytelling by famous authors, jousting rules, political warfare, and two additional time periods, including maps and brief histories (dates TBD).
Release Date: Late, 2008.

Fantasy Imperium Adventures Vol. I, II, & III – The first book of adventures using our unique scene based structure for creating adventures. The book will include 7 stories, set in various time periods (480 B.C., 69 A.D., 1121 A.D., 1348 A.D., 1559 A.D., 1690 A.D.).
Three volumes are planned.
Release Date: Summer, 2008 (Volume I)

The Known World – 1121 A.D. – This is a Medieval Historical Setting book for 1121 A.D. In addition to historical essays on different countries, there will be a series of adventure stories.
Release Date: Fall, 2008

Celtic Tales – This book will concentrate on the history of Ireland, and will also include a series of adventures.
Release Date: Winter, 2008

Stellar Imperium – An Interactive Storytelling Game of Science Fiction, detailing the Solar Imperium. Release Date: (2010?).

 Fantasy Imperium – Quickstart Guide
Get started playing Fantasy Imperium quickly with this free guidebook, which is now available for download.
Click here to download.
Release Date: Spring, 2008.Available Now!

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