Fantasy Imperium - Adventures

Fantasy Imperium – Adventures

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10,000 B.C.

The Tyrant Queen by William F. Nolan [Outline]
Night in the slave quarters.  Semicus could not sleep.  He lay on his back, staring at the jeweled ceiling.  Atlantis was indeed a kingdom of jewels.  Rubies, emeralds, pearls, diamonds, embedded in the walls and ceilings, doors and windows.  A layer of gold coated the streets.  Yet the wealth of Atlantis meant nothing to him.  He was a slave. His tortured mind told him that this restrictive life could not continue.  He must keek personal freedom, at whatever cost.  When the time was right. Soon… very soon…


480 B.C.

The Curse of Athena [Complete Adventure]
King Leonidas of Sparta has been defeated.  The high priestess of Athena has chosen to remain in Athens and to die with the destruction of the temple.  The population of 100,000 people have been evacuated.  The Persian army arrives and begins to burn the city to the ground…

Infernal Dreams [Outline]
A dark enchanter Tyresius, has come from the country of Lusitanea in the west. He has brought with him dark spirits and enchantments. He has begun a brutal campaign of murder in the Celtiberian city of Numantia, and he seeks to unlock the ancient portals to the netherworld with the blood of human sacrifices. People have begun to disappear, and strange things are going on in the night.


69 A.D.

The Lost Ship [Outline]
Ottah, an Egyptian necromancer, is in league with forces that want to destroy the Empire. He has a secret network of necromancers and conspirators throughout Rome. The governor of Egypt has discovered the plot, and has uncovered the names of the conspirators. He has commissioned a centurion to take the list of names back to Rome on board a merchant ship (to preserve secrecy).

Whispers of Raziel [Outline]
Jerusalem is in an uproar, buildings burn and the temple is being attacked by Roman soldiers who, learning of a loss of pay from Rome upon the new Emperor’s ascension decide to compensate themselves with treasures from the Temple of the Hebrews.
Beneath the city, in one of the many crypts where heretics, zealots and sub-sects of faith meet in secret, a group of Rabbinic mystics hold a meeting…


100 A.D.

Death of the Irish Gods [Outline]
Íth, first of the Gaelic peoples, saw Ireland from his fathers tower. Now, he and his men have landed to see what discoveries exist in this Emerald Isle. The Tuatha De Danaan, and their three kings, at first welcome you as visitors. But soon, suspicions grow that these ancient peoples have other plans for Íth and you, his retinue…


1121 A.D.

Dark Promises [Outline]
Sondergaard, a sorcerer living in a dark tower in the Holy Roman Empire near Leipzig, is building an army.  One day, he was charmed by a beautiful maiden.  So he sent his men into the town to take her away…

The Gateway to Eternity [Complete Adventure] 
Kailen’s girlfriend, Rhiannon has fallen down dead, though it seems that she is only sleeping.  Kailen has a nightmare where he spies a dark Sorcerer surrounded by dark, twisted beings.  Rhiannon calls out, “Help me!”

The Tainted Well (Outline)
In the ancient kingdom of Rana, where the old gods are worshiped, Prince Vithar receives a dream from Wodan saying that if he were to acquire a relic belonging to Christianity, Wodan would make him invincible.  Prince Vithar searched for many days, looking for a place to strike and one day heard of Saint Cadfan’s Cross, where a holy well stood near the place of his landing in Wales in the small town of Tywyn…


1348 A.D.

A secret coven of witches are waging a silent war against the inhabitants of the city of Pisa by spreading the Black Death…

THE BOG WITCH (Complete Adventure)
Children are disappearing from Meath, Ireland.  Some say that a witch has come out of the bog to capture the children, while others are  uncertain…

Bishop Capellini signed a deal with infernal powers to cease being a poor friar and one day rise to rule the entire Catholic Church.  The Brotherhood now seeks to assassinate Pope Clement IV so that they might elect Bishop Capellini to the rule.

1559 A.D.

A cocky young noble, his tutor, a beautiful courtesan, an alchemist’s apprentice, a struggling artist and a merchant wanted for murder. All of their destinies become entwined when Edmundo Brunetti, the eccentric Alchemist and scholar is abducted and a they are embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy and forced to enter a world of arcane lore, mysteries and sinister bankers: set against the backdrop of Florence at the height of the Italian Renaissance.

COLD STONE (Outline)
A heretic is secretly murdering his church rivals in the town of Orléans, France with the aid of dark magic…

1626 A.D.

The Musketeers are charged to escort Constance Bonacieux, Lady in Waiting to the Queen while she delivers an important personal message on behalf of the Queen to Duke Jean Louis de Nogaret de la Valette.


 1690 A.D.

Capitaine Felix Blanc has taken his treasure to a lonely island in the middle of the Caribbean.  With a few trusted men, he has chosen a site to where he can bury his treasure, a fortune in gold and silver.  unfortunately, he has decided to murder the burial arty, in order to retain the secrecy of the treasure’s location…

The Spanish adventurer Juan Pablo Fernández de Calderón García-Iglesias  has discovered a map to an ancient Mayan city on an island in the Caribbean.  With the aid of the Count of Cadiz, he aims to explore the city and recover what gold he might find…

THE SKULL TREE (Complete Adventure)
A long time ago, before the town of Hope, there lived a young native woman who was called “Fawn” though her true name is now lost to the antiquities.  Fawn had the misfortune to love a man from a nearby village though she was promised to another.  She and the powerful hunter would secretly meet in the forest.  One day when he went to meet with her, she did not appear. He searched for her relentlessly though he never found her or any sign of what happened.  Local legends even say that if you listen carefully on the darkest nights when the sky is clear that you can hear him calling her name to fulfill his vow to never quit the search.  Eventually the natives moved on with no explanation, though it is rumored that the forest had turned against them.  Now, many years later, a young woman has vanished, a farmer’s fields are cursed and strange shadows have been witnessed in the forest…


1890 A.D. 

The Atlanteans are waging war.  Join Captain Nemo of the Nautilus on “Les voyages extraordinaires” (an extraordinary adventure) under the sea in this Steampunk adventure.







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