Fantasy Imperium is an Interactive Storytelling Game (ISG) of Historical Fantasy set in Medieval Europe. The game was designed and written by Mark O’Bannon.

Skills & Professions – Create any kind of character, such as a wine merchant that makes enchanted wines, a siege engineer, a spice merchant, a fortuneteller, a weaver that makes enchanted tapestries, a herald speaking a dozen languages, a begger dabbling in Black Magick, or anyone else you can imagine!

Fast Combat – Detailed system with hit location tables, combat maneuvers for different styles of fighting and over 500 weapons and armour to choose from, with their availability determined by the time and location when they came into general use.

Forbidden Skills – 13 disciplines of Magick with over 500 spells. Anyone may practice Magick if they are willing to risk burnout, insanity or demon possession.

Spiritual Warfare – The war between Good & Evil is a reality. Fallen Angels & Evil Spirits try to destroy one’s soul, while Heavenly Angels & the Intercession of the Saints assist mankind.

Siege warfare, firearms, dream warfare, psychic combat, & more!

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The Light from the Hills (3 scene story)
The Gateway to Eternity (8 scene story)

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