Better Storytelling


Better Storytelling
Ever had trouble finding a decent Storyteller?
Shadowstar Games is dedicated to teaching the techniques of storytelling.

How Long Does it Take to Tell a Story?
Typical RPGs tend to have only one major plot point per game session, so it usually takes several games to tell a story. This can take weeks or months, depending on how often the game is played.

Interactive Storytelling Games are Fast
In an ISG, you will have one plot point every hour. So you can tell an entire story in a single game.

One Plot Point Every Hour
There are two reasons why Fantasy Imperium games tell better stories:

Fast Combat
Combat in Fantasy Imperium is fast.
If someone gets hit with a sword, he dies!
So a fight can be over in 20 minutes! This allows the Storyteller to go through several scenes with separate combat encounters in a single game.

Emphasis on Storytelling
In Fantasy Imperium there is a focus on telling a story in a single game session. Stories are made by creating a list of scenes to check off during play. This is accomplished by using the Scene Outline Worksheet.

The Storytellers Guide
Although a typical interactive storytelling game can be created by using a simple plot outline for every story, the Storyteller’s Guide is a book that will teach better storytelling methods.
With this book, you will learn:

How to Tell a Story: The most important aspect of an Interactive Storytelling Game (ISG), classic storytelling techniques are defined, and how to adapt them to your games.

How to Design Adventures: How to set up a list of scripted scenes that will define your plot, allowing you to build towards a final climax, where the villain is defeated.

How to Run Games: Develop the methods and techniques that are necessary to have while telling your story. How to run a scripted plot without the players feeling restricted.

The History of Europe: An outline of the history of Europe is given, allowing the Storyteller to choose a time and location for his adventures.

Essays on Storytelling : A collection of famous authors such as Bill Nolan tell their secrets on storytelling.

The Storyteller’s Guide will be available in 2015.

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